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Originally Posted by Srt42004n View Post
So this is somewhat off topic here but I recieved a 2012 Brock Lesnar UFC Knockout auto redemption which I redeemed. Fast forward, Lesnar is released from UFC and never signed this card. Topps sent me a Lyoto Machida Auto from 2010 Main Event...$10 card. I sent it back with a letter of dis-satisfaction and three weeks later (Today) I recieved an envelope. Inside was a 2010 Brock Lesner Auto. Also inside was the original letter I sent and Im guessing Topps has either to much free time or they are just plain ignorant. Someone took a highlighter to the letter I sent and wrote Spelled wrong and highlighted the me thats a slap in the face for someone to have the audacity to take the time to spell check a complaint and mail it back after already knowing the consumer was ticked about the 2 yr old replacement.... Guess ill be sending the replacement's Replacement back with another letter.

Not sure what your wrestling card has to do with baseball.

But the reply lends credence to the thought that people at Topps are on this board.
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