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Originally Posted by jlzinck View Post
Personally I would cut them some slack sonsidering what they have gone through recently.

You complain and maybe the buy gets fired. Maybe he was without power for 6-8 days at home and just let his frustration over.

Professional? No. Could it be explained? Yes
What they may or may not have gone through has no bearing on the fact that no customer should ever be treated ilke that.

I have my own issues with Topps right now as well. I submitted everything for a missing hit and was told it was on its way, two months later I have emailed back several times forwarding the emails stating everything and the only response I get is "Topps requires buyers to supply the following information...". I have given all information and was told something was on the way. Instead I am talking to a wall trying to get someone to do their job right.
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