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Default TRADING HIGH END Westbrook Exq, Paul George RPA, Kevin Durant Auto, Lebron, DRose

Hey guys, I have a few of my high end PC cards for trade. Any high end cards (around $400+) I can trade down, but to at most 2-4 cards, not looking to do a $400 card for several $50 cards etc.

I can also do Paypal/Card deals

Id be interested in these:

- Blake Griffin Autos (Especially on-card)
- Lebron James Autos
- Durant RC Autos
- Anything else high end
- Kyrie Irving Auto
- Michael Jordan Ultimate autos

Heres what I have available with their trade values:

Russell Westbrook Exquisite RPA BGS 8.5 10 Auto - $1000

Paul George NT RPA BGS 9.5 10 Auto - $550

Lebron James All Star Auto - $250

Kevin Durant TImeless Treasures ROY Auto /25 - $250

Kevin Durant Rookie Retro Auto /25 - $175

Derrick Rose/ Russell Westbrook/ Eric Gordon/ OJ Mayo Auto - $150

Vince Carter Exquisite Patch Auto - $130

Larry Bird Auto /35 - $90


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