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I am surprised at how little movement went on in this break, especially with so long before the actual break. In a final effort to get some activity in this break, I am posting my buy price list. I will buy ANY and ALL slots at the prices listed below.

Dodgers $38.01
Yankees $33.80
Rangers $27.08
Cubs $24.82
Nats $22.62
Braves $21.44
Tigers $20.31
Red Sox $19.18
Angels $17.98
Blue Jays $16.36
Mariners $16.36
Brewers $14.67
Rays $14.10
Giants $13.54
Reds $11.98
White Sox $11.28
As $10.72
Phillies $10.72
Mets $8.46
Cardinals $7.90
Marlins $7.90
Orioles $5.64
Padres $5.64
Royals $5.08
Pirates $3.95
Twins $3.39
D'Backs $2.26
Indians $1.69
Rockies $1.13

If you don't agree with my valuation, then that is fine. No one is forced to sell, but if someone wants to, they now have an offer on the table.

I will accept beforehand that I am crazy, stupid, or whatever. I just ask you keep those comments to yourself if you don't mind so we don't take this thread off topic.
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