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Listen you charged $4 shipping. I gave you the benefit of the doubt that maybe you had to buy some usps postal mailer(which is more) and did not use paypal shipping thus costing you more in general even with delivery confirmation

I got a mini bulk mailer(as tall as a 12oz soda can) with the paypal shipping label. You no doubt overcharged thus you received the DSR rating you deserved. BTW I would have loved to have seen the pre edit post. Once someone posted my profile link I noticed the original post was edited.

They ask "How reasonable were the shipping and handling charges?" Answers being Very unreasonable, unreasonable, neither reasonable or unreasonable, reasonable, and very reasonable I picked unreasonable. Ebay does ask why did you bid or please do not bid. They request you rate after buying

The whole do not bid if you do not like the shipping charge is bogus. Thats why they have the DSR's and I take everything into consideration. I am not out to ding anyone. If you in fact spent $4 then I was gonna be fine. I suspect you spent 1.67 or less

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Personally I have no problems with the Buyer but Rather Ebays Whole DSR System,
Then why create a thread with my name in. However I will be your huckleberry
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