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Originally Posted by ChicagoCubsWS View Post
If I got a letter with mistakes I would do the same thing. God forbid you push spell check.
Spell check doesn't correct Lesnar.

Originally Posted by vc15jrich23 View Post
so you called someone a jackass? I am surprised they even sent you a Brock auto. After reading that I am glad they sent it back to you. You look like a tool.
good for you.

Originally Posted by Davesportscards View Post
Wow. Nice RUDE letter you sent them. I would have just tossed it in the trash and sent you back the original card you were sent. Can't stand people like you.
good for you this wasnt an opinion thread personally i think your a scumbag. with your smart responses.

Originally Posted by shinnox View Post
and i cant stand ppl like you that back pos employees at crappy card companies like topps. im surprised they didnt just forge the auto and send it back to him since they do that bs anyways. their customer service, if you wanna call it that, is a joke.
Originally Posted by MetDude View Post
"you can keep this letter or trash it" suggests to me the possibility of the letter being intended to be internal. One employee informing another that the card in question was mis-spelled, so that they could figure out what the writer was discussing. That is the lone place there is a "correction". The other highlighted parts seem to point out his tone and the last, what method would have been preferred.

From my stand point you need to hear the history before rushing to make comments of hate since i dont know any of you on a personal level. Lots of tough internet guys I see.

I sent in my Matt Kemp 2012 Tier One Auto Redemption with Delivery Conf. and it shows DLVD but Topps claims even with DC they never recieved it.

Recieved 2010 Tribute Kemp /###

I sent in over 400 Bowman Wrappers for Blue Wave #1 in the first week of release. I called them to confirm they were recieved and the rep said they had me slated for several packs and thanked me for participated blah blah blah...

Actual Packs Recieved -0-.

Redeemed 2011 BC Red Ref Auto of Darin Mastr. and he never signed.

Recieved: 2010 Platinum Jon Singleton Green Ref Auto #/199

Redeemed 2011 Finest Moustakas Auto Relic...not signed

Recieved 2010 Sterling Mike Minor Auto Base.

Redeemed 2012 Tier One Koufax gold auto

Recieved Koufax gold auto with corner lifted due to the person who squeezed it into a normal penny sleeve.

Redeemed 2012 Knockouts Brock Lesnar Auto

Recieved 2010 Lyoto Machida auto

The issue I have is they send out replacements that are nothing close to they say. $4 to keep shipping stuff back it doesnt make it any better that they think as a consumer you'll take what they send/clear off the shelf and shut up...the Lyoto had dust on it so its prob been sitting there for 2 years. How hard would it have been to just send me a 2010 Lesnar in the first place... thats my gripe..
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