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Originally Posted by Srt42004n View Post
Spell check doesn't correct Lesnar.
good for you.
good for you this wasnt an opinion thread personally i think your a scumbag. with your smart responses.

From my stand point you need to hear the history before rushing to make comments of hate since i dont know any of you on a personal level. Lots of tough internet guys I see.

The issue I have is they send out replacements that are nothing close to they say. $4 to keep shipping stuff back it doesnt make it any better that they think as a consumer you'll take what they send/clear off the shelf and shut up...the Lyoto had dust on it so its prob been sitting there for 2 years. How hard would it have been to just send me a 2010 Lesnar in the first place... thats my gripe..
And these types of responses confirm that you are a tool, good thing there is an ignore button on here in which you will be added. Also it is open for opinions as it is posted online, your childish name calling to them is what makes you look bad, if you had handled yourself in a professional way you might have gotten a better response. Also if you turn to name calling you may just want to find a new hobby all together.

edit and just so you know they did not correct everything, I have also found a couple more errors in the paper, it looks like it was written by a five year old.
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