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Originally Posted by MetDude View Post
Since you respond to several other people individually and then quote me with this response, I interpret it as being directed at me.

I see no comment of hate in what you quote me on.
Nor do I see any tough guy behavior in that quote.
Just suggested the possibility that the letter was intended to be internal only and was not supposed to be sent back to you.

Read your own comments, and take a moment to reconsider who is spewing hate. Furthermore, if you dont want people opinions, dont post in a public forum.
Ok, well -Don't- Read between the lines... I had to hit Quote on you to Multi-Quote... nothing personal since you seem to take it personal. If everyone interpreted things as a personal attack this would be Syria...there was no need for anyone to post any comments of their personal feelings towards me because all you did was earn a spot on my V-I-P list...this thread was my personal opinion that Topps Cards should have better customer care/Quality control. Unless you work for @Toppscards then nothing from Post #1- until now is directed at you. If your feelings are hurt because of something simple as I quoted you and you're upset that i dint not give you a personal response well here you are... all ^ of this was for you.

It is a public Forum
Everyone has an opinion

this thread isnt to hear everyone else get into a "Size Matters" discussion
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