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Originally Posted by vc15jrich23 View Post
And these types of responses confirm that you are a tool, good thing there is an ignore button on here in which you will be added. Also it is open for opinions as it is posted online, your childish name calling to them is what makes you look bad, if you had handled yourself in a professional way you might have gotten a better response. Also if you turn to name calling you may just want to find a new hobby all together.

edit and just so you know they did not correct everything, I have also found a couple more errors in the paper, it looks like it was written by a five year old.
Some day when you actually get a redemption for a 1/1 Koufax valued $1,250-$1,500 which is condition sensative as it is and because someone squeezed a thick card into a standard penny sleeve then maybe you would see what the fuss is about until then stay classy kid. Maybe you should spend more time prowling craigslist... atleast there you can fit in.

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