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Originally Posted by Davesportscards View Post
Oh wow, grow up and get a life seriously. People like you are the reason the world is as bad as it is. You walk around thinking the world owes you something. You think it's okay to treat other people like they are pieces of dog &%&# stuck to the bottom of your shoe. The OP had no right to be vulgar towards someone who probably didn't even initially send the card to begin with. Again grow up and get a life. P.s. Nice spelling and grammar.
seriously? didn't realize this was grammar school. tell me to get a life then try and insult my spelling and grammar? lol, you sound just like that a$$hole that works for topps that sent him the letter back. no wonder you have a stick up your ass.

the op had every right to express his anger and disappointment. and if you cant understand that, then i apologize for your lack of a brain. weather or not the the op was right or wrong doesn't matter. it was the topps employee that acted out as well. he represents the entire organization and by doing that, he made them look very unprofessional and down right laughable (even though they already are). No matter how bad a customer gets or acts, employees are supposed to maintain composure and give customers respect, even if they don't deserve it.
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