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Default Let's play a game called buy this Wade and Kobe F/S thread

These two cards... for whatever reason... aren't selling. They all have offers all the time, but not where I want to move them for. So I decided to make a thread for just these two. I will give a general price for each but will also listen to best offers. Please no dumb response about the price being too high, I know what offers I have go0tten before on these, its very close to the price here, just pm me if you are interested. add $2 shipping

$70OBO /24

$40 (firm) /465 RC hard to find sold for $30 shipped offseason

p.s. i made a thread earlier in the day that im sad nobody is taking adavntage of. so many of you have "collecting all yi jianlian" or "karl malone supercollector" or "bring me all melo." i made a thread where everyone can just say what they want and then people can respond there. i suggest u scroll down and look for that, it would make so many of our lives easier if we had one place to check for everyones needs and sellers could just pm them!!! it was called Helpful Thread- Who Are You Looking For F/S
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