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Originally Posted by shinnox View Post
maybe that's why you're on here running you're mouth. bc if you really worked in customer service and talked to ppl like you are on here, you sir (or ragging mam?)would be out of a job.

you ever get tired of telling people to grow up? seem to say it a lot. seriously man, you're on a TRADING CARD forum telling people to grow up. irony is funny.

you're being rude, defending rude people. guess birds of a feather do flock together. you made your point long ago, but yet just cant seem to let anyone else who wants to make theirs, make it without your 2 cents. you seriously have some issues.

guess i should wake up from my dream world. after all, this is your world dave, we all just live in it.
You are one of those people that everyone laughs at and talks about after you get done crying because you didn't get your way. Lol! People like you are scum of the Earth. Your spelling, grammar and punctuation make you look ignorant. It's hard to hold a coversation with you because you are literally making me dumber with your replies. Have a wonderful day sir! And I truly mean that with all the sarcasm in the world.
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