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Originally Posted by RandysHobby View Post
18 points in 12 minutes. Kings suck, why not give him a few more minutes? Not just Jimmer, but the Kings rotation is UNBELIEVEABLE. Travis Outlaw doesn't play and he started last night playing good. WOW Keith Smart or shall I say Keith Dumbass!
He had a pretty nice game, but look he was up against at PG. Also, it's amazing how you can call Keith Smart a dumbass when you obviously have no clue of whats going on with the team. Thomas Robinson and Demarcus Cousins were both suspended last night. That one center and one power forward left on the roster. The team prefers Chuck Hayes off the bench so he had no other option then to have Travis Outlaw to start. Outlaw only played 26 minutes, so please don't act like you know what you are talking about and call a coach a dumbass if he had no other option.
Jimmer may score well at times, but he scored 4 of those at the buzzer, 2 off a fastbreak, 3 off of a switch that left Dwight Howard on him at the top of the key, and then he was able to score another 4 off of the defense being out of place and he was able to penetrate as they were shifting over.
Overall, pretty good game none the less. Scoring is all he does though. Can't rebound and isn't a good passer.
Kobe Bryant Full highlighs//20pts&6asts//vs Kings//11-11-2012 - YouTube
Watch at :34 how Kobe just backed him down with such ease. Obviously few players can stop Kobe, but Kobe wasn't even challenged AT ALL. he was easily backing him down then was able to spin away with ease.
Once again, I don't want to take anything away from him, but when you try to act like he was a God and talk crap about the rest of the team, at least know the situation and look at more than a box score.
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