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Originally Posted by phishphood318 View Post
what is a mod? Like he said use a middle man. I just do not know how this works. I know what a middle man does but how would I honestly know this middle man does not know the trader or likes my card. This might not be feasable for me to do a trade on my end because I just do not think I would be able to send this card first or to anyone I do not know being a middle man. I was not thinking about that part of it I guess because I was just trying to see what kind of trade offers would be avilable before I decide to put it away in my PC. I am new to this site so and I should have thought about this aspect of making a trade with people over the internet before I posted.
Great card, I understand your concerns. You should be able to find a buyer without much issue in a card like that. Far as trades go lot of high end trades happen through Internet deals all the time. I've probably made over $30k in trades or sales through this site in last few months alone.
You should trade some small items first and build your feedback.
No one on here will send the card first to you since you are new and you will probably have to send out your end first to build your rep and gain other members trust. Good luck with your trade.
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