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Originally Posted by drob50 View Post
Or it should be named!

"Lebron RC that will never be able to be dealt because there are no logistic options"
Sorry guys that I don't feel that comfortable sending my card first. I am not the richest man in the world. I am brand new to this site. I have been ripped off in the past when eBay was not so safe and I was not so smart trying to buy a card when I was younger. Maybe you guys would feel comfortable doing so but I do not. Thanks for making me feel like an idiot.

MODS you can delete this. I am sorry for wasting everyone's time and just wanted to see some offers for this card. I have owned it for 7 years now and I was just thinking maybe something else is out there. It's cool I didn't think it through and I should have before I posted. Maybe when I work on my feedback and feel a little more comfortable I will revisit this idea.
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