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Originally Posted by GoJays View Post
When the Ric Flair rumors came out I could see a decent storyline coming from it, but now it just seems pointless. Cena and Ziggler don't even have a match at SS and probably won't at TLC, so what's the point of this storyline?
the only thing i can really think of is that they are trying to generate as much heat for Ziggler as they can without having to rely on Vickie, even going as far as saying that Vickie was her "former manager" tonight during his promo, but yet shes still standing right by Ziggler's side

i get the feeling that if you had Ziggler come out by himself and do a promo about Cena, he would still get a decent amount of "what" chants. WHich is a killer for guys like Ziggler. His ring work is main event worthy, im just not sure his character will ever be

Meanwhile , we have guys like Wade Barrett that still has nothing to do right now.......... but thats a whole 'nother ball of wax
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