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Originally Posted by jdwanchalk View Post
Many people picked the Giants.
Me and eramos have the two closest scores, including the second category.
Every single person entered was over the total combined. I was closer.
Every single person guessed the winning teams score incorrectly.
Many people were close to guessing exact passing yards correctly.

So I won the first and third categories and the passing yards category (between me and eramos.)

You did not clarify what happens if no one got the second category correct.
I outright won the first and third category (two wins.)
eramos outright won the first and second category (two wins), but I beat him in the last category.

Of the first three categories only eramos and I had 2 categories correct, but I won the final one between us.

Let me know!

3) Combined Score of both Teams - [Closest without going over] (Example: 58 pts)

You both went over in the 3rd category. WTF?
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