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Just my 2 cents... Most people here completely understand your concerns. I'm pretty damn sure that less than 5% (and that is prolly too many!)) of the people that post here own or have ever owned a card of that value. Fact of the matter most have never even seen a card that valuable minus some retro scans. Phil, everyone here is hesitant at first to make any kinda deals. I don't believe anyone is trying to belittle you... just understand you came to a place where you might actually GET a deal done for that card. The mods here "police" everything to keep Bullsh*t from going down, and if you take a look around the site you will also see it can be a tight knit community. Many good people here, and I'm positive by talking through mods and the person/s interested in your card that you can come up with a fitting solution that satisfies you and other party. If that doesn't work for ya, then I suppose it wouldn't be terrible to hold onto one of the better cards out there. Good Luck buddy!
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