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Obviously I didn't really think about the whole sending process before I posted. I thought maybe I could see some offers and go from there. If I ended up liking an offer I would have tried to get to know the person a little and make sure I trusted him with talking to him on the phone and we could have decided a process to make a trade happen.

I have really never thought of trading this card and since I put this on eBay this summer, that was the first real opportunity to see people actually offer me trades for this card. So I thought maybe ask some real collectors on this site what kind of offer I could get for this card.

This one guy on eBay tried ripping me off with telling me his Bryce Harper was worth 15k. You guys helped me out by telling me its not worth 4k

Obviously you all started asking right away if I would send first and that was when I was very apphensive about that idea. So you all did not let me proceed in any kind of trade activity.

I guarantee most of the people here would be hesitant of sending this card first when they first signed up to this site.
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