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Originally Posted by Redemption King View Post
It is a for sure SSSP and would go for more if you let it ride via auction. I have witnessed six cases open with no Luck, Richardson or Griffin base autos. 2011 Topps Chrome gave better chances at hitting the big names since they were all equalling dispersed.

I bought into the 2012 Chrome hype before knowing Topps would screw us on the odds. Not looking forward to my three cases...
There is no truth to this whatsoever. ALL of the below players were SSP in 2011 Topps Chrome and were very difficult to hit:

Group A: Blaine Gabbert, Jake Locker, Mark Ingram, A.J. Green, Ryan Mallett, Ryan Williams, Julio Jones, Andy Dalton, Christian Ponder, Colin Kaepernick, Cam Newton.

This year with all the added auto parallels it is actually much easier to hit the big names if you are going strictly by pack odds. 2012 is a far superior product to 2011. Topps didn't screw us...they delivered a fantastic product.
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