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Originally Posted by Astronix View Post
OK, sorry for the delay, last week was my busiest week of the year, but I spoke to the Regional Manager at Beckett and he has offered us a good deal.

Here is the breakdown depending on how many cards we sumbit. I told him we would like to try to do group submissions on a regular basis and as long as we get close to these numbers our pricing will remain the same. I am getting this in writing for future submissions. Right now my plan is to be in Dallas either the week ending November 30th or December 7th so we will need to get the submission active pretty quick.

Let me know if anyone has any other questions, we need to pin down if we want 10 or 20 day service and I am definitely in to host the submission.


200 cards 20 day service: $7 + $2 Auto
400 cards 20 day service: $7 + $1 Auto

200 cards 10 day service: $9 + $1 Auto
500 cards 10 day service: $8 + $1 Auto
Not bad, I'd be up for either
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