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Originally Posted by Koppper View Post
Man those were fun to collect I have a ton of the original ones after the base set came out! Good times!!!
no kidding. the memories were great. I got a friend of mine into it and we would split a booster box when they came out. He would take all of the dark side cards, and I would take the light side cards. I don't think we ever actually played a game of it, we're just huge star wars nerds. I remember one Christmas when we both got a booster from the Hoth set and immediately called each-other. I think he won the argument, because I ended up being the one that had to trudge through the snow to go to his house to open our boxes and swap

anyway, it pains me to say that my original collection went MIA. I suspect it got trashed or sold when my step-dad sold our old house after my mother died while I was away at college. I thought I had specifically moved them to my grandparents house to store them while I went to school, but I guess I was mistaken.

so, since that collection is now truly gone, I guess the cards I got in these boosters might as well find their way into caring homes. I won't kill you on prices for singles or lots- just let me know which ones you're looking for out of which set and i'll see if I pulled it.

i could probably ebay them, but I'd rather work with people here first.
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Don't ask me how much I want to offer. Come with a price in mind. If I don't want it or think it's worth that, I will let you know.
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