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Default possible ebay buyer remorse before paying? what would you do?

Need some advice, thinking I may be getting into a problematic transaction in hand and I want to tread carefully with this.

Recently sold a high$ card (almost 4 digits) overseas BIN/BO to a buyer who has decent 100% feedback but has only been on ebay for about a year and whose normal purchases are <$100. Best offer accepted included full intl shipping on my part. Is one of those cards that is very hard to pin value on given its is from the #1 top set and is a low #numbered RC auto patch. On any given day it may be a $500 card or a $2000 card if the player becomes a superstar.

Ebay listing shows scan of front /back but I made it a point on most listings to not represent any type of specific condition. It may be nm or nm-mt (i.e probably something like a 8.5 or 9.0) card from any reasonable look at the scans. of course I know ebay can force a return with a 'not as described" case but I typically mark the listing as "no returns accepted" and "please ask any questions on condition prior to bidding".

2 days after listing end/invoice is sent, I get an ebay message from buyer saying (paraphrasing) "before I pay, I want to know what flaws are on this card. Scans look clean but if I determine that there any flaws I will be returning the card".

About the only time I get this type of email is normally if the buyer has already changed his mind about buying, or wants to delay payment. My first instinct is that the buyer has buyer's remorse. I don't know anything for certain about the buyer's intention obviously, but I know if I ship, I would be on the hook for my own shipping (probably $30+) plus possible intentional damage from the buyer and dinged DSRs.


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