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Originally Posted by Lbacall View Post
My bank account had a charge for 5 boxes and also 2 boxes and although I received a credit email from Cryptozoic on Friday the funds still haven't reappeared in my account yet. Seems like this should not have occurred if the maximum you could order was 2. At the time I ordered you had to go into the details tab to even see there was a 2 box limit. Hopefully everyone gets their refund soon. I now have 8 boxes coming and am happy to even have that. If I can find 4 more for a decent price it might be nice to have a case of cards to open without the guarantee of a sketch card, but also for a slim chance of pulling more than one.
I actually like the gamble lol. I have 6-8 boxes coming from 3 sources (not by choice, that's the best I could do). If I get one sketch I'll be ecstatic, but there being a chance for more than one is exciting in itself.
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