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Originally Posted by Verufian View Post
What really gets me with these is a "select few" received theirs, made a killing selling them, and everyone else is sitting on their thumbs just waiting. I don't understand why staggering the shipment was needed.
I literally don't believe it's possible to send out 10,000 packs in one day. In fact, I don't think sending 1,000 is very realistic. That said, Topps usually doesn't ship out themselves - they have a shipping company send things out.

Originally Posted by thescout View Post
the weirdest thing to me is that it seems that they specifically DID NOT send out to the people who sent theirs in first and the people who clearly bought the most product, almost all those that posted they received said they got 1 or two packs
This is not actually true. I sent in packs the same day as Houdini, and they arrived the same day, roughly the same time, I'm sure, and he has received his, while I have not received mine. The only rhyme or reason I can fathom is some kind of zoning or blocking system whereby they do streets that begin with A-D first, or cities the same way..honestly, I don't really know, but I'm quite sure there is no conspiracy afoot.

PS - we really did land of the moon.
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