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Originally Posted by JusRelax View Post
At 48 cards per case, why don't we do top 5 of a second random get 8 code cards, that way each one (should they choose to do) can complete a full roster and then the host gets the remaining code cards (should be about 8 per case). Personally, I think we should reward the host a little as well for hosting the break for us.
Yeah I agree. I had put that in my edited part about being top 5 for each case. Ryan is in most of the cases as well so he has a good chance there as well, I was thinking 9 to each person and RL takes anything over 45 in each case as well as whichever he gets chosen for. With 9 at least that gives you an extra code in case you get a complete dud of prospects to choose from with one of your codes

I hope they put a reasonable max amount of codes that you can enter per account, or else people who bust wax like crazy will have codes coming out you know where and probably have every top prospect
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