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Originally Posted by phishphood318 View Post
If I wanted to sell the card in the end game I would feel more comfortable using eBay in the end because I would receive the money first and plus not have to feel to vulnerable meeting with someone. I guess I am just a realist but the world we live in you really cannot trust many people you don't know. Talk about how you all would feel comfortable doing so you are all liars in the end. I just was trying to see trade offers. I will forget the idea because you all want to know how I will send a card first before I even decided to trade it. Odds are there are no offers that would make me trade this away but I was very curious to see. I seem to have an unrealistic price for my card from what everybody said to me on eBay so I doubt a trade would ever work out anyways. We never got to that point anyways so we can just delete this post already.
Your price on eBay was not outrageous at all. The /99 has sold for nearly $14,000. Just FYI about selling on here. Selling through PayPal gives you the same seller protections as eBay without the eBay fees. eBay is an avenue to find buyers but if you can find one on here, especially on high end cards, you are always better off.
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