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Either option is fine with me. My personal vote would go for option #1. I think for those who purchased between 1-5 slots the 1st option would give them a better chance at codes so that might be the way to go. Also you need at least 8 cards for a full lineup, and the only way to guarantee that for anyone who purchased less than 3 slots is option #1. I don't see much of a point in getting codes if won't even be able to field a full team (except for the slight chance of winning the blue wave redemption).

Figure if someone bought 1 slot they would get 1 code (which 1 code by itself is useless in this), and they have a 2 (top 2 people)/30 or 6% chance of getting 5 more codes. In option 1 if they bought 1 slot they would have a 5 (top 5 people)/30 or a 17% chance of getting 9 codes (a full lineup). I think that should give everyone a good perspective
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