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Originally Posted by Estephano View Post
Way TOO expensive! Use, they are much cheaper. A 5x7 is $0.16, a 8x10 is $0.99
depends.i looked ,shipping on that site for 1 - 10 prints for 5x7 =$2.49 .
. and 2.99 for 1 8x10.. then you have to unless your printing a bunch, theres not benefeit..... what if they come out a little blurry? do you end up waiting a fewdays/week for a pic you dont like/ cant use?

for me, if i come across an address or 2 that i want to send a pic to i can go on google, find a pic, upload to walgreens, go get in my car, drive around corner and get it...from 1st thought to pic in hand is 10 minutes, so at 1.99 not that big a price....
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