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Ok, I need to get up about 2 hours before sunrise tomorrow, so I'm hitting the sack.

Here is what I think I'm going to do:

1) Random all 10 cases again;
2) Top 4 names (no duplicates in each case) get 10 codes (400 codes);
3) Random the names of people that didn't get codes, and the top 5 people get 10 codes (50 codes);
this is where it may get confusing
4) (Should have 30 codes left) If any of the 30th pick people in any case did not get a lot of 10 codes, those people will be put into a random to receive a lot of 10 codes;
5) I'd like to hang on to the rest as compensation.

Feel free to discuss, but the only way I'm not going to go this route is if someone has a VERY strong reason and argument against it, and proposes an equally fair plan.
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