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Originally Posted by AG Relic Hunter View Post
Tommy, I do know of more cards in 2012 than you are aware of. I would be more than willing to help but 1) you have ignored me every time I've asked you things and 2) I'm pretty sure I know where you got your Danny Green... and if I'm correct, I'm the one that got screwed over with that deal you made after mine. Sorry for my hostility, but I'm just speaking my mind.
Wait, you broke ebay rules and offered to purchase a card from someone outside of the auction....

I then e-mailed the guy asking what happened to the auction and that I was very interested in the card and I was the high bidder when it ended.

He replied someone offered me 50 bucks so I ended it early.

I replied, I give you 80. He said deal.

So you did not get screwed over, I originally got screwed over as I was the high bidder when the card was at auction. I just made things right. If you would have just left the auction alone we could have both bid and just let the higher bidder win.
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