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Originally Posted by fitch123 View Post
Thank you.

People who know what they are talking about ^^

Chipping sucks. But its the name of the game in high-end. Even NT has chipping, but is hidden by the white borders used for the cards.
i can completely understand the issues and that other products do have similar problems.

do you think, seeing as there are major issues other than minor chipping, that some of these issues would have been caught during pack-out or quality control? and if noticed then, would they continue to pack them out?

that is kind of a double sided question because they absolutely had to notice huge dents in the edges of booklets and other cards. yet, they continued to pack them out into boxes.

edge chipping, i can live with on thick stock (ie. Bowman Black Autos) but huge dents and corners folded over, not so much.
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