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Originally Posted by Redemption King View Post
I'm not disputing the fact that this year's Chrome product isn't great but it doesn't mean that the Luck and Griffin base cards are more diffucult to pull then say Cam base auto last year.

Only one Andrew Luck base rookie on card auto on Ebay four days after release?
Ebay item: 230880919075
You said that Topps screwed us on odds and that you were not looking forward to opening your I took those words as evidence that you were disputing the quality of 2012 especially in that you were comparing it to the rate of Cam autos in 2011. I believe 2012 is an outstanding product and blows 2011 out of the water so I spoke my peace.

I do think after looking into it more carefully that the BASE autos of the big 3 are very scarce this year as you pointed out, but in general there are far more TOTAL autos of the big 3 than anything we saw last year so I am willing to let the base auto limitation slide knowing that my chances are real good of hitting a nice parallel auto. In 4 cases I hit one Luck auto and one RG3 auto. Both were parallels and quite frankly I'm happier with those than with base. But I can respect your opinion is the base autos mean that much to you.
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