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Well, I was buying it as trade bait with you anyways. Ha. I've learned on eBay the hard way that you have to ask if someone is willing to sell outright before someone else decides to ask. Sucks but I've missed out on quite a few because of this. (Yes, I know this is hypocritical being upset you ended up getting it. Ha. I'm over it.)

On that note, I decided to keep my '12 Justin Upton BAT info to myself until it hit the post office. There are multiple cards that have both a Shirt and Pants version too. The Longoria EL card has both of those AND a bat.

Your 2011 list is lacking too with the SP's. I'll gladly share the ones that I've obtained if your interested. In doing pants/shirt/home-away in the 2011, I'm around 190/232. I still find others in the process. That's what makes it fun.
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