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Hey guys, I don't buy a lot of high-end, but I did notice something that I hope is a useful contribution here...

Obviously - and what's already been mentioned - is that cutting through the thick stock is the biggest issue with the chipping.

I think it also has to do with whatever surface material is chosen. I have a number of thick Tribute and Tier One cards ('11 & '12) as well as a number of thick low-end 'manufactured patch' cards, and none have that chipping issue. All of those cards have a gloss or semi-gloss finish.

'12 Five Star, from what I've seen in video breaks, has the same super-matte dull finish as both '11 and '12 Inception football, which also (in the examples I've seen personally) has similar looking chipping issues.

I've worked on a lot of jobs involving print, and even thinner stocks with that type of surface suffer when being cut - the top paper layer is just too brittle.

Has anyone else noticed this pattern of gloss/matte card edges?

... and I don't expect an answer... but why does high-end have to equal super-thick card stock these days? A well-designed card in 35-55pt can be just as attractive as one in 130pt. I think '12 Tier One cards are just as nice-looking - if not possibly more so - than Five Star.
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