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Haiku, as always your generosity is inspiring. I don't need the head phones and I don't want to thread jack. But since this read is about giving, and I am sure it will be the most read thread on here just wanted to share this tidbit.

It will be one year ago tomorrow that I found out I had a 95% clogged artery and ended up,with a stent in my heart. From minor chest pain, to the angIoplasty it all went down in 2 days.

I share this because last year when I found out about the clog I was 35 years old, 6'4 and 220 pounds. Relatively young, not "fat" and led an active lifestyle. From the little I know of my family history heart disease does not run in the family.

The point being to all, you never know. If I had waited a day or two more to go into the doctor I may not be here today. Get your annual physical, have them do an EKG (almost all doctor offices can do one on site) and if you ever do end up having chest pains (I just thought I pulled a muscle) get that sh@t checked out sooner rather then later.

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