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My day has been a rough one. Came into work and called my mother as I do everyday before I clock in. She sounded very down in the dumps today. I ask her to continue to fight and stay strong and she said she wasn't sure she could do that. After I end the call, I have been swamped at work and the day seems as if it will never end. I wish I could give my mother the strength to fight on, but it's just something I am not capable of. She is at peace with her disease and her current state, I guess I should try and do the same but it's hard. I love my mommy.


My son has been his usual self, full of life and energy and brings a smile to my face when no one else can. I love him for that.

Congrats on your news Haiku, whatever it may be. Hope it's better than the day I have had. Rock on Haiku.
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