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And he just keeps on giving. In all my years of collecting, I have never met or seen someone as generous in this hobby as yourself. Ive seen free giveaways and free cards for super collections or hookups, but not to the extent of haiku.

I cracked about 5 boxes of wax the other day at a local card show. I didnt get anything of great value, the most excitement i got out of opening them was when two young kids came up and started watching me ( about ages 8 and 10 i would say ) Started asking me some questions about what i was opening. After i was done, i asked them if they really enjoyed cards. I was hoping they would be enthused, and of coarse they said yes. Told them how i started collecting when i was their age and that someone else had really gotten me into the hobby at one point. I told them they could have all the cards i just opened. Divided them evenly between the two. Their eyes light up like the fourth of july and christmas at the same time.
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