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Ok, I think I'll use this to vent a bit.

Went to work today, I work at an extended learning center with k-3rd graders and it's a new site that just opened so they moved me there because I have experience. It's getting harder and harder for me to work there because it's a very wealthy area and I've found the kids to be so ridiculously spoiled. I was cleaning some of our tables today and a kid said "Don't you have a cleaning lady for that?" and I got really annoyed ha. I don't blame the kids, and they aren't bad, it's just obvious some of them are so spoiled and I feel more like a babysitter than a teacher and it's very frustrating. On top of that I just had to pay $600 to get my card fixed and I'm broke as it is. Been slowly selling off my collection these past few months to cover bills and stuff.

Now, I just got home and I'm relaxing, looking forward to watching my Huskies play tonight on ESPN2, so all in all it could be worse!

Cool thread Haiku! I honestly have no need for those headphones though, but I certainly appreciate these contests and giveaways you do! If I'd be lucky enough to win them, please pass it along to someone else! I'm sure others would appreciate them and get much more use out of them than I would!
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