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Default Is It Just Me, or Am I Overreacting?

Hey all!

I was selling a lot yesterday, and I received a message from a potential buyer. Here is the series of messages we exchanged:


Does Best Buy sell the headphones you are looking at?

If so, I have a $135 best buy gift card I'd be willing to swing towards the Ryan/White dual auto.
if not sweet looking card!


We're in luck! It is available there, so what were you thinking? Thanks!


I'm thinking this is a match made in heaven lol jk.

The card is $135 and you were looking for $150 ish?

I'd be fine straight up but that would be up to you if you need extra.

Would you want me to ship the card or just pm/email you the code so you can order online?


LOL if straight up (the gift card for the dual auto) works for you, it works for me! I think PMing the code would probably be easiest for both of us, as I'm sure I can purchase it online and have it ready at my local store. However, whatever works with you. Thanks!



Just checked ebay and saw the last one went for 150 as a BO but the one before only went for 46 so I'm kinda stuck lol. Do you have anything else besides what's in your thread?

Long story short, thereafter he started trying to negotiate with me even further and ended up offering his $135 gift card for Roddy White/Matt Ryan dual auto (that most recently sold for $150) and a Colts quad auto booklet (sold once for $94)...

I was disappointed since he had initially offered it straight up for the White/Ryan auto, so I was a bit caught off-guard when he flipped the tables on me and threw in another card.

In all fairness, the dual auto did sell twice. Once for $46 and once for $150. However, the $150 once was most recent. He claimed that the $46 completed listing was most accurate, however that was a completed listing during August (before the NFL season started and both players took off).

I tried explaining to him how Doug Martin autos sold for a couple bucks in August, but how they now sell for $40+, so it isn't really fair to value a card at what it sold for months ago, and that one has to pay the going rate. I also told him that he should probably check eBay and do his research BEFORE he makes an offer, so we don't both waste each others' time.

I guess I'm confused about that FINE LINE between DEAL and NO DEAL, however I was upset, since I currently feel as if he just backed out of a deal.

Any thoughts? Thanks!
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