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Originally Posted by Pine Tar View Post
The ones from Wal-Mart like the OP said he bought should have had 7 regulars packs in it and 1 pack with a relic in it.

If you bought them at Target, or any place else other the Wal-Mart, you will get 8 packs of chrome and no relic. But from what I seen you you have a better chance at an auto with the blaster, not bought from Wal-Mart though.
Yes, the purchase was made at Wal-Mart. As well as the opening of the blaster and disposal of the trash. So I am guessing that I must have tossed it not thinking anything of it. One can only hope the blaster relic only consisted of a Nick Toon Relic! I do appreciate all the help, I should of known better. Thanks
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