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I'll say my two cents and be done.

Pm'd about a deal figured the card sold for $150 on a regular basis. Took literally 1 minute between pms to check last sales just to double check only two last sales one at $46 as an auction and one as a BIN/BO at $150. Decided that wasn't enough for me to constitute a trade, tried a few other offers and didn't work out. Instead of just saying no thanks OP went into hoopla when all he had to do was say no. Continued to get into hoopla after I said all he had to do was say no and leave it at that.

Btw, think it worked out just fine for him. Sold the lot for at least around $100 more than what the GC was worth.....

Don't see why this warranted a thread but fire way OP/Boys. I have bigger fish to fry.
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