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Default Negative Worthy or Not? is the story. I had a 4 card lot for sale. A member asked if I would split it up, he only wanted 1 card. I said that I would rather sell as a lot but PM me an offer if they would like. They sent me an offer of $25. I said that I could do it for $25 and to let me know if they wanted it and I would send them my paypal addy. They said to send paypal addy and they would pay right away.

10 minutes later he sends me a PM asking what the card was numbered to. I told him and he sends me a pm back saying that they are going for $20 on ebay and asked if I could go any lower after he already agreed to pay $25 for the card.

Anyways I sent him a message back saying that I could do it for $22 dlvd at the lowest. He then proceeds to ignore my PM's. I removed my listing from ebay since he agreed on buying it and I sent my pp addy to him.

Should this member receive a negative
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