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Originally Posted by Haiku View Post
Just post here about your life,What you did today,Your favorite team,Movie ect.
Let me start by graciously declining to be entered into this giveaway. I have more than I need of more than I need already. I simply want to contribute to a positive uplifting thread. If I could get a PM from Haiku with a shipping address I would love to send him a copy of Delivering Happiness by Tony Hsieh. If he has not read it already, I think he would connect with the authors message.

This would only be a temporary gift in that I know he would pass the book to someone else when he was done with it.

Now for my contribution to this thread.

What I did today, was wish the mail person would arrive with the 3 green ink /20 Trent Richardson autos I was able to win in Haiku's 18,000 view Quick Sale last night. I knew it would be Friday or even Monday before they would realistically arrive, but cool cards provide a spark for me.

My favorite team, as so many members on here know are the 2013 World Champion Kansas City Royals. I was named after George Brett in 1980 just in time to not remember his unsuccesful but MVP worthy chase of .400.

My favorite movie is tough because it tends to change like the weather here in Michigan. If I could only watch one movie for the rest of my life however, it would be Hot Rod starring Andy Samberg.

As for my etc...??? I hope Haiku is able to find a "random" deserving member who positively impacts the experience of his fellow posters and they are genuinely appreciative of someone being generous to strangers... Strangers who are so often selfish and undeserving.

So if anyone is still reading, and can get me that shipping address, I'd love to add some positivity myself.
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