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Originally Posted by cking View Post
I will try to say this as clear as I possibly can. How is this not neg worthy? The buyer asked for his paypal addy and send he would send payment right away and that never happened. That is flat out, 100% backing out of a deal. There is no way on planet earth that someone could have backed out of this deal more then this buyer did. Give him a negative. If I did not see this thread and a negative is not left then how am I or any other member supposed to know what this member is capable of.

The words "send me your paypal and I will pay right away" came out of the buyers mouth. That is a deal. And if anyone in this thread does not think that is a deal then could you please elaborate to me what a deal is? I am all ears. see.... I have learned a deal in real life and a deal on this forum are 2 VERY different things. Problem is if a negative is left one will be received when it should not be.
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