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Here I am, and I am sure I'll get attacked, but I will defend my stance.

After working on a deal, the sellers, raiderguy10, notified me that he would be shipping with insurance and signature confirmation. I asked if he could send to my work, which he said no because it isn't my confirmed address. Fine. I asked to waive signature, he said no. Fine.

Looking at the calendar, knowing when I needed the lot for (next Friday) for a show, I realized I wouldn't be able to get to the post office to pick up the package. My PO is open 8:30 to 5; I leave for work before 8am (I am about to leave now) and don't get home until after 7. Normally I would pick up on a Saturday, but I am going to be away this weekend.

After realizing this, I asked for a refund, since the cards wouldn't be here for when I needed them. Raiderguy10 then offered to reprint the label with no signature but insured. Unfortunately, the PO will still not leave an insured package (at least mine), so that didn't help. Then he offered to reprint a label to ship to my work. This got ME nervous, since he had already stated he couldn't do that.

I asked for a refund, which he kept putting off to try and ship another way. I refused, since that was my original solution that was not received well.

Look, I try to make deals on here, and have made some deals with members that have gone beyond smooth. I am a 100% rating on eBay. I do local shows. I don't back out of deals. This one dealt weird that he was suddenly ready to do whatever it took to ship the lot. My antenna went up, it felt wrong on my end, I backed off.

So, despite the erroneous title, I didn't back out when I found out it was insured. I backed out when I found out I wouldn't be able to pick up the package in time for when it was needed, and then when the seller was suddenly agreeable to whatever terms would get the lot shipped after initially balking at that.

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