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you were refunded within five minutes of asking. but two of our pms crossed paths so you didn't get it in two minutes. nice try though saying it was delayed. give me a break. this is a joke. i have your box packed (2 hours of time), and now i have to scan and resort 300 cards (another what 3 hours). i don't have time to waste redoing stuff because you change your mind. i work six jobs to provide for my family....i don't have time to waste on crap like this

i have 237 transactions here,1500 on Ebay, and 50 on scf in a short time there. what exactly are you worried about when you are the one with 1 transaction here and getting all nervous about a package being insured?? And i offered to ship to your work, because that's where you asked if I could ship (even confirmed in your post above). I'm not sure why your house would be different then everyone else's in needing a signature if insured under $250 - but that's why you asked and I later offered to also ship to your work. I tried to bend over backwards to give you what you asked and even when that was offered you decided to back out of the deal instead.

But if you need them by Friday you still have time to make it right if you so choose.
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