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Default Rant time! (DSR's)

If you are gonna leave me low DSR's when I charge $2 shipping AND it is flat rate, don't buy cards, period. Just get out of the buying cards part of the hobby. I know people on here that do ding it when it $2, and I'm sick and tired of always getting dinged on DSR's when my S/H charges are way more than fair. In my last 16 sales, 2 people dinged me for a $2 charge. I don't know how people can get away with $2.50, $3 when $2 apparently isn't good enough. It is part eBay's fault for allowing this to be so important, but I think it is time for eBay to do a little more research, and understand what S/H prices are fair and not, and than base that off if someone deserves an automatic 5 or not. It's a joke.
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