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Originally Posted by JzWand View Post
Its your responsibility to figure out how/where/when you can receive shipments.
Not the sellers.
You had already paid meaning its YOUR fault for not working with him prior.
He is not a mind reader so he doesnt know your PO's schedule, your work schedule, when you take lunch or go to the bathroom.
That is on you and YOU should have handled it before sending money.

Now, in what fantasy world do you believe in that warrants you leaving this seller a negative.

"Tried to work deal, when delivery wouldn't be made in time, asked for refubnd"

What a fricken joke!
And thread.

It gets worse on a daily basis when buyers either don't research what a card sells, so they change their mind either after sending payment or agreeing to a deal (yes I realize just agreeing might not be a "deal" but come on buyers - check eBay before agreeing) for or don't discuss all details prior to sending payment.

Apparently we need to go back to the days before Paypal when every detail had to be spelled out because you were writing a check to the person so both parties outlined everything since each sale took about a week to complete by both sides.
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