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Originally Posted by JzWand View Post
I agree $2 is more than reasonable.

On the flip side, offer free shipping and start your listings with BIN/BO and this way you are able to factor in what your shipping charges will be.
If listing auctions, also offer free shipping but put your starting price at a price that also incorporates your shipping costs.

Basically if you were to start an auction at $1.49 with $2 shipping, just start it at $3.49 and offer free shipping.

Its the only way around getting dinged on shipping fees that I know of.
I offer a flat rate, so that could be bad for the buyers. I start auctions at 99 cents so if I raise my prices to $2.99 (I've done this before, bad idea) than a buyer may have to pay $6 for two cards rather than $2 plus $2 s/h.

I've tried the free shipping guys, it just doesn't work haha. I appreciate the helpful advice, but sometimes it isn't possible.
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